Framehawk iPad Canvas Redesign

These are some screen shots of the Framehawk iPad client application, which we call the "Canvas". First I prototyped it in Appcelerator Titanium, but eventually we re-wrote it in Objective-C. I'm currently prototyping a new version of the Canvas in Phone Gap. Here is a Video showing how the Canvas is used to access Framehawk's virtual desktop technology. Here is the link to Framehawk's Website.

Framehawk Admin Console

Just one of many designs for the new Framehawk Administration Console.


I worked with Netflix as part of their UX team for a couple of years. I primarily worked on the website design, the PS3 Netflix application, and the design of the last Netflix video player. Most of my time was spent creating many different high-fidelity prototypes of these designs so that we could test them with end users. I also contributed occasionally to motion design and visual design on some of these projects.

Example Site Map

This is a site map for a new Framehawk Administration Console web application.

Storyboard For A Feature

This is a comic book style storyboard for a feature in the Framehawk Canvas iPad application.

Microblog Designs

These are some designs for a Microblog that I was building for a Japan-based company called MobJet. They don't exist any more, but the designs were sort of cool, so I thought I'd include them here. is a small, stealth startup that combines Big Data with Gamification to help companies do a better job of recruiting talent. I helped start the company back in 2009/2010 - building their first game. The game was built in Flash and is called Wasabi Waiter. You can try it out by requesting an invitation, logging in, and playing the game from your profile page.

I currently advise in the areas of UX, Visual Design, and Web and Mobile technologies. I'm also acting as their interim product manager.

You'll be able to read about Knack soon in a well-known technology magazine. Here are a few articles where and its technology are discussed. This New York Times business article came out in April, 2013. This Business Insider piece was published in May of 2013. And here is an older article from the front page of the Financial Times. is a product I created that allows people to create their own private social networks. It is still a work in progress. But many people are using it for their clubs, classrooms, special interest groups, etc. Click Here to visit

A Flyer For A Recital

Older Portfolio Sites

Here are some older portfolio websites. They contain older and different work than you have seen on this page: Here is a little Flash portfolio. It has some of the items you've seen on this page. And here is an Experimental Portfolio Browser UI I built in Flex years ago. It shows many visual designs that I've worked on. Please forgive this old portfolio! Although it is in a hideous green, there are lots of goodies here that aren't in my newer portfolios. And finally, I created a Story of My Worklife Site. It is like an autobiography of my work life from teenage years up till around 2011.

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